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Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1 (HC) 5kW Three-phase Inverter




Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1 (HC) 5kW Three-phase Inverter

The Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1 (HC) 5kW Three-phase Inverter is a cutting-edge solution designed to maximize the efficiency and performance of solar panel systems. With its advanced technology and exceptional features, this inverter offers outstanding benefits for both residential and commercial applications.

Seamless Power Conversion

The Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1 (HC) 5kW Three-phase Inverter provides seamless power conversion, allowing you to harness the maximum energy from your solar panels. With its high conversion efficiency, this inverter optimizes energy production, ensuring that every ray of sunlight is effectively converted into usable electricity. Additionally, the three-phase design ensures stable and reliable power output, minimizing disruptions and fluctuations.

Smart Management System

This innovative inverter is equipped with Huawei’s intelligent management system, which enables real-time monitoring and control of your solar panel system. Through an intuitive interface, you can easily access vital information such as energy production, system performance, and fault diagnosis. With this comprehensive management system, you can make informed decisions, optimize energy consumption, and ensure the smooth operation of your solar panel system.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is a top priority when it comes to solar panel systems, and the Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1 (HC) 5kW Three-phase Inverter excels in this aspect. It incorporates a range of safety features to protect both your property and the system. These features include overheating protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection. With these safeguards in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your solar panel system is secure and reliable.

Flexible Installation Options

The Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1 (HC) 5kW Three-phase Inverter offers flexible installation options to suit various needs and locations. Whether you have a residential rooftop or a commercial facility, this inverter can be easily installed in both grid-connected and off-grid configurations. Its compact and lightweight design ensures effortless integration into any space without compromising performance or functionality.

Weather Resistant and Durable

Built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, the Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1 (HC) 5kW Three-phase Inverter is engineered with durability in mind. It is IP65 rated, providing protection against dust, water, and other environmental factors. This ensures that the inverter operates reliably regardless of the weather conditions, enhancing its longevity and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Wide Compatibility

The Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1 (HC) 5kW Three-phase Inverter is compatible with a wide range of solar panel systems and components. Whether you are using solar panel kits, batteries, off-grid solar panel kits, hybrid solar kits, or grid-tie solar kits, this inverter seamlessly integrates with your existing setup. It is also compatible with various solar panels, including grid-tie solar panels, ensuring flexibility and versatility in design and installation.


In summary, the Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1 (HC) 5kW Three-phase Inverter is a remarkable solution that offers seamless power conversion, intelligent management, enhanced safety features, flexibility in installation, weather resistance, and wide compatibility. Whether you are a homeowner looking to reduce your carbon footprint or a business owner aiming to optimize your energy consumption, this inverter is an excellent choice. Take advantage of its advanced features and experience the benefits of a reliable and efficient solar panel system.

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