Solar Panel Kit (Hybrid) 12 JA Solar | Growatt MOD 6000TL3-XH | Three-Phase

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Advanced Hybrid Solar Kit with Three-Phase Growatt MOD 6000TL3-XH Inverter and 12 JA Solar 500W Panels

  • This advanced kit features 12 JA Solar 500W Deep Blue 3.0 panels, designed for higher energy yield and efficiency.
  • A powerful three-phase Growatt MOD 6000TL3-XH inverter: This model is tailored for more demanding energy systems, offering a robust 6kW capacity for larger residential or commercial setups.
  • Growatt ARK XH 7.6kWh Battery: An upgraded lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system, providing enhanced storage capacity to support the increased energy production.

The kit retains its hybrid designation due to its versatile two-mode operation:

Grid-Tied Mode:

  • The expanded array of solar panels generates a substantial amount of electricity, which can be directly utilized or exported to the grid.
  • It leads to even greater savings on electricity costs.

Self-Sufficient Off-Grid Mode:

  • With the larger battery capacity, the system can store a significant amount of excess energy from the solar panels.
  • During the night or when solar production is low, the home can rely on the stored energy, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
  • This greatly reduces grid dependency and provides enhanced reliability during power disruptions.

By integrating the benefits of both operational modes, the hybrid system maximizes the efficient use of solar energy. 🌞🔋

The direct use of generated electricity translates into considerable savings. Surplus energy is returned to the grid, potentially earning income. In periods of low solar output or at night, the home switches to battery power, further reducing grid dependence and energy costs.

Ultimately, this hybrid system is engineered to drastically cut down on electricity bills!

Intuitive Management and Monitoring

The Growatt Shine-Link X remains the cornerstone for monitoring solar energy production: This device ensures internet connectivity for the Growatt inverter from the MOD-X range without needing Wifi. The monitoring setup includes a base unit that connects to a power outlet and the internet router, along with an adapter that links to the inverter. They automatically pair to provide online access for the inverter, facilitating remote monitoring through the manufacturer’s portal. Enhanced monitoring capabilities enable meticulous tracking of energy production and effective management of the comprehensive system.

Solar Kit

Solar panels orderIf you lack experience and professional knowledge, we strongly recommend consulting professional electricians for the installation of the solar station. You can arrange installation with us at Power Gardens. We are not authorized to provide remote consultations during your self-installation, as any misunderstood advice could jeopardize your health. Thank you for understanding!

Kit composition:

Three-phase Hybrid Inverter Growatt MOD 6000TL3-XH.: Ideal grid connection inverter for small self-consumption installations as its compact, quiet, and easy-to-install design makes it the best option. It has two independent MPPT regulators and a power of up to 6000W which guarantees high performance of the solar installation.
Solar Panel 500W Deep Blue 3.0 JA Solar.
12 x JA Solar 500W Deep Blue 3.0: High-performance solar panel with a power range of 530 to 555 Wp. It features PERC monocrystalline cells and boasts an efficiency of up to 21.5%, ensuring maximum energy yield. The panel is designed with a robust frame, measures 2278x1134x30 mm, and weighs 27.3 kg, making it suitable for a variety of installations. With a product warranty of 12 years and a power output warranty of up to 25 years, this solar panel is a reliable choice for sustainable energy solutions.
Estructura paneles 30-45mm coplanar falcat
12 x Solar Panel Mount (Structure) 30-45mm Coplanar Falcat: Mounts (structures) for placing solar panels on the roof with the correct slope and orientation. The panels are placed vertically on a structure that has the same slope as the surface on which it is installed. In addition, the support is designed to accommodate panels of any length and has universal clamps to support panels with profiles from 30 to 45 mm. It is the ideal mounting system for tiled roofs, metal roofs, sandwich panels or concrete slabs. This product is supplied in a single pack and can be connected to a large number of identical structures using the appropriate connection kit. Falcat Universal Joining Kit up to 45mm: contains all the elements required to connect solar panels when creating a solar installation using string structures. This kit is specially designed to join 2 Falcat structures prepared for panels with a profile thickness of up to 45 mm.
Lithium Battery Growatt ARK SPH TL3 7.6kWh.
Growatt ARK XH 7.6kWh Battery: State-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system. It is designed for easy installation by a single person and features a modular and stacked design. The battery is cobalt-free, ensuring safety, reliability, and the use of conflict-free materials. It offers high cycle stability and a long lifespan. The system also includes smart operation and maintenance features such as auto under-voltage wakeup and remote diagnosis and upgrade.
Three-phase Wattmeter Growatt TPM.: It allows to know accurately what the electrical consumption of the solar installation is. The meter communicates this data to the grid-connected inverter using the Modbus protocol so that it can limit the power according to what the household is consuming at that moment. It also allows not to feed the excess energy into the grid if desired. It provides data such as the energy produced and the energy required by the household.
Monitoring Growatt Shine-Link X.: It serves to provide internet connectivity to a Growatt inverter from the MIN-X range. With this device, it is not necessary to have Wifi, since the monitoring complement consists of two components: a base that connects to a power outlet and the router with internet, and an adapter that connects to the inverter. An automatic link is established between the two to provide internet to the inverter for monitoring its operation on the manufacturer's portal.
WEIDMULLER PVStick connectors.: They are the most recommended in case you do not have a crimping tool to be able to connect the usual MC4 connectors. They are compatible with all models of connectors offered as standard in solar panels and do not require any type of tool to assemble them on the cable.
Single-core cable reel 6mm2 H1Z2Z2-K red: It is a power cable specially designed for electrical installations. It is halogen-free and highly flexible, making it suitable for industrial environments with demanding requirements.
Single-core Cable Roll 6mm2 H1Z2Z2-K black: Specially designed for photovoltaic installations, both in mobile service and fixed installation. It is certified by TÜV according to IEC 62930 and EN 50618, ensuring its quality and safety.

Complete to the last detail: the electrical kit

The components in the electrical kit may vary slightly, however, the kit will always fulfill its function and the cost will not be affected. Our solar plant is assembled in such a way that you can start installation immediately without having to purchase anything extra.

The electrical kit contains the devices and accessories required for the correct installation of the PV power plant of the selected variant. It not only facilitates the installation of each element of the kit, but also protects the installation and all its wiring. The kit may include, depending on the configuration:

Kit material electrico

  • Multi-conductor color AC cable
  • Data cable for communication between the inverter and the wattmeter
  • Fuses and fuse holders
  • Power output circuit breaker (or circuit breaker) – provides overload protection
  • Type A differential circuit breaker
  • ICP boxes for installing protections and separating AC and DC protections
  • White conduit and corrugated tubing for routing and protecting wiring
  • Other necessary components depending on the equipment

Whether you want to go off-grid, hybrid, or grid-tie, we have the perfect solar kits for you. You can also choose from our high-quality solar panels and solar inverters that will ensure the optimal performance of your solar system. To see our full catalog, you can click here.

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Ja Solar

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Hybrid Three-Phase Growatt MOD 6000TL3-XH


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