Solar Panel 50W 12V Polycrystalline SHS

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Solar Panel 50W 12V Polycrystalline SHS

In the world of renewable energy, solar panels have become a popular choice for individuals and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy bills. The Solar Panel 50W 12V Polycrystalline SHS is a high-quality solar panel that is designed to provide efficient and reliable power generation in a compact and durable package.

Key Features

1. Power and Efficiency

The Solar Panel 50W is equipped with polycrystalline cells that are known for their high efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity. With a power output of 50W, this solar panel is capable of generating enough energy to power small devices, outdoor lighting, or even a small off-grid system.

2. Rigid and Durable Design

Measuring at 532 x 674 x 30 mm and weighing only 4 kg, this solar panel is compact and lightweight, making it easy to install in various settings. Its rigid construction ensures that it can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

3. Maximum Power Output

The Solar Panel 50W has a maximum power voltage of 18.3V and a short circuit current of 2.9A, ensuring that it can deliver a consistent and reliable power output. Its open circuit voltage of 22.7V and maximum output amps of 2.9A make it a dependable source of renewable energy.


1. Easy Installation

With its compact size and lightweight design, the Solar Panel 50W is easy to install on rooftops, RVs, boats, or any other surface with access to sunlight. Its white and gray frame adds a sleek and modern look to any setting.

2. Long Warranty

Backed by a 25-year warranty, this solar panel offers peace of mind to buyers, knowing that they are investing in a durable and reliable product that will continue to generate clean energy for years to come.


  • Off-grid power systems
  • RVs and boats
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Small electronic devices

Technical Specifications

| Specification | Details |
| Solar Panel Power | 50W |
| Solar Panel Cell Type | Polycrystalline |
| Solar Panel Stiffness | Rigid |
| Solar Panel Dimensions | 532 x 674 x 30 mm |
| Maximum Power Voltage | 18.3V |
| ISC Short Circuit Current | 2.9A |
| IMP Maximum Output Amps | 2.9A |
| Open Circuit Voltage | 22.7V |
| Solar Panel Working Voltage | 12V |
| Solar Panel Weight | 4 Kg |
| Solar Panel Frame | White and Gray |
| Solar Panel Warranty | 25 years |

Overall, the Solar Panel 50W 12V Polycrystalline SHS is a reliable and efficient solar panel that offers a sustainable solution for generating clean energy. With its high power output, durable design, and long warranty, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to harness the power of the sun for their energy needs.

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Additional information

Solar Panel Power


Solar Panel Cell Type


Solar Panel Stiffness


Solar Panel Dimensions

532 x 674 x 30 mm

Maximum Power Voltage


ISC Short Circuit Current


IMP Maximum Output Amps


Open Circuit Voltage


Solar Panel Working Voltage


Solar Panel Weight

4 Kg

Solar Panel Frame

White and Gray

Solar Panel Warranty

25 years

59 reviews for Solar Panel 50W 12V Polycrystalline SHS

  1. Avatar photo

    Isabel J.

    I use it for a irrigation programmer and it’s more than enough, as it should be

  2. Avatar photo

    Emily O.

    Works very well without any problems

  3. Avatar photo

    Elias M.

    Very good service, thank you

  4. Avatar photo

    Sofia A.

    Unbeatable value for money, very good performance and Autosolar as always up to par

  5. Avatar photo

    Liam O.

    Received and tested, perfect operation

  6. Avatar photo

    María A.

    It is not the solar panel that I have

  7. Avatar photo

    Ella F.

    Compact panel for the power it provides, withstands very well and with a very good price

  8. Avatar photo

    Sara A.

    Good product. We received it very quickly. Thank you

  9. Avatar photo

    Sara U.

    Perfect for my van…I have placed it under the roof with a sliding system to take up as little space as possible…when I am parked somewhere, I take it out of the sliding system and put it on top of the roof of the van.

  10. Avatar photo

    Ada R.

    For now, it’s too early to give an opinion. We’ll have to see how it performs in winter

  11. Avatar photo

    Maya F.

    Very good product

  12. Avatar photo

    Sara D.

    The product corresponds to the description. Good quality finishings and very fast shipping.

  13. Avatar photo

    Freja O.

    At first glance, this panel is good but it is impossible to evaluate it because normally panels have a lifespan of over 20 years and I just bought it.

  14. Avatar photo

    Matteo Q.

    Everything perfect, both the panels and the shipping, which was very fast. The customer service on the phone was very good. I am very satisfied. Greetings and thank you very much

  15. Avatar photo

    Rocío R.


  16. Avatar photo

    Sebastian Q.

    No problems, everything fast and efficient. Will definitely buy again

  17. Avatar photo

    Francisco U.

    Very resistant solar panel, very well finished. 46 W measured in summer. Shipping by DHL, well protected. Arrived in three days.

  18. Avatar photo

    Rocío Z.

    Great value for money. 100% recommendable. Fast shipping

  19. Avatar photo

    Emily O.

    Working without problems.

  20. Avatar photo

    Iván S.

    Great for charging a 40 ah battery

  21. Avatar photo

    Victoria R.

    Matches the seller’s description.

  22. Avatar photo

    Óscar K.

    This is not the solar panel that I have

  23. Avatar photo

    Nuria T.

    Good quality article.
    Fast and uncomplicated shipping.
    I will buy again.

  24. Avatar photo

    Max T.

    Sufficient panel to charge a 45 amp car battery. Very happy with its performance.

  25. Avatar photo

    Daniel B.

    Excellent in size and price. Very manageable

  26. Avatar photo

    Celine M.

    Perfect for powering a small refrigerator on a boat.

  27. Avatar photo

    Guillermo L.

    Good material at a good price! And good service.

  28. Avatar photo

    Óscar D.

    Perfect and good quality and service

  29. Avatar photo

    Jakub G.


  30. Avatar photo

    Léa N.

    Fast and in good condition delivery.

  31. Avatar photo

    Miriam D.

    Economical and of quality

  32. Avatar photo

    Arthur H.

    Good price and works perfectly. Recommended

  33. Avatar photo

    Nuria E.

    Fast shipping. The panel works perfectly. It allows me to charge a 12v lead battery and have a Raspberry Pi running continuously

  34. Avatar photo

    Verónica J.

    Good value for money

  35. Avatar photo

    Alejandro W.

    Small size and it comes with TC4 connectors

  36. Avatar photo

    Daniel H.

    High performance and easy installation, meets expectations in terms of price-quality

  37. Avatar photo

    Ella A.

    Very happy, good quality, works very well and charges a 12v battery with plenty of power, only one downside and that is that it comes without cables but well, with a multimeter you know which one is positive.

  38. Avatar photo

    Sandra Q.

    The short time I’ve had it, it works perfectly

  39. Avatar photo

    Lucia E.

    My opinion about the solar panel. It meets the expected characteristics satisfactorily. The structure is very solid and the installation is very easy. I am very satisfied. I use it to illuminate a small greenhouse for two hours a day. Regards, Fidel

  40. Avatar photo

    Jakob T.

    Very good value for money

  41. Avatar photo

    Niklas T.

    Perfect. In terms of price, shipping, product quality. Quick and very professional technical assistance. A 10.

  42. Avatar photo

    Claudia V.

    Quality panel. Excellent service from Autosolar. Fast delivery, perfectly packaged. Thank you very much.

  43. Avatar photo

    Lucía S.

    Very good panel. Works great. Delighted. 100% recommend

  44. Avatar photo

    Simon P.

    Good panel and size.

  45. Avatar photo

    Arthur N.

    I liked it and I will buy again from this store because of their seriousness.
    Thank you

  46. Avatar photo

    Nuria H.

    Good panel, I have it to charge the primary battery of the motorhome and it works perfectly, suitable size and more than enough power for its purpose.

  47. Avatar photo

    Paula Y.

    In perfect condition and fast shipping

  48. Avatar photo

    Leo G.

    Good quality-price relationship and fast shipping

  49. Avatar photo

    Anton Z.

    Good for small automation tasks.

  50. Avatar photo

    Lily C.

    Good quality and affordable price

  51. Avatar photo

    Filip W.

    The panel is good and at a very good price. The shipping was correct. I will also make my next purchase with them

  52. Avatar photo

    Adam D.

    Good quality and good price

  53. Avatar photo

    Anastasia N.

    Excellent material and very fast delivery.

  54. Avatar photo

    Daniela T.

    Excellent, extraordinary service

  55. Avatar photo

    Arthur T.

    Well, good staff, good store and more environmentally friendly prices than other places. Super happy

  56. Avatar photo

    Roberto W.

    Good value for money.

  57. Avatar photo

    Silvia W.

    They demonstrate great professionalism, excellent service, and exquisite treatment. Keep it up! Greetings

  58. Avatar photo

    Adrián V.

    Very practical. Works well.

  59. Avatar photo

    Teresa R.

    Very good, meets my needs, highly recommended, very well packaged and fast to arrive, thank you

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