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Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA

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Product Description: Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA

The Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA is a high-quality solar panel designed to harness the power of the sun and convert it into clean and renewable energy. With its advanced technology and durable construction, this solar panel is perfect for both residential and commercial use.


Solar Panel Power
The Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA offers a power output of 160W, making it efficient in generating electricity from sunlight. This allows you to power various devices and appliances while reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Panel Cell Type
The solar panel features Polycrystalline cells, known for their high efficiency and reliability. These cells are made from multiple silicon crystals, offering a cost-effective solution for solar energy production.

Solar Panel Stiffness
Designed to be rigid, the Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA ensures durability and stability in various weather conditions. This stiffness enhances the panel’s performance and longevity.

Solar Panel Dimensions
With dimensions of 1482 x 676 x 35 mm, this solar panel provides ample surface area for capturing sunlight. Its compact size makes it easy to install on rooftops or open spaces.

Maximum Power Voltage
The solar panel operates at a maximum power voltage of 18.85V, ensuring optimal performance and energy production. This voltage level allows for efficient power conversion within the panel.

ISC Short Circuit Current
Featuring a short circuit current of 9.05A, the Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA delivers consistent power output even under challenging conditions. This current rating ensures reliable operation and prevents energy loss.

Module Efficiency
With an efficiency rating of 17.97%, this solar panel maximizes the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Its high efficiency level results in increased energy output and cost savings over time.

IMP Maximum Output Amps
The solar panel offers a maximum output of 8.5A, enabling you to charge batteries or power devices efficiently. This output current is sufficient for running small electronics or charging backup systems.

Open Circuit Voltage
Operating at an open circuit voltage of 23.2V, the Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA maintains a stable voltage level for optimal energy production. This voltage ensures consistent power delivery to connected devices.

Solar Panel Working Voltage
Compatible with a 12V system, this solar panel is suitable for off-grid applications or as a supplementary power source. Its working voltage enables seamless integration with various solar setups.

Solar Panel Weight
Weighing 11.1Kg, the Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA is lightweight and easy to handle during installation. Its manageable weight simplifies mounting procedures and reduces installation time.

Solar Panel Frame
The solar panel features a white and gray frame that enhances its aesthetic appeal while providing structural support. The frame’s color scheme complements various building designs and blends seamlessly into the environment.

Solar Panel Warranty
Backed by a 25-year warranty, the Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA ensures long-term performance and reliability. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects or performance issues, giving you peace of mind with your investment.

In conclusion, the Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA is a versatile and efficient solar panel that offers reliable power generation and long-term durability. With its advanced features and high-quality construction, this solar panel is an excellent choice for anyone looking to harness solar energy for their energy needs.

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Additional information

Solar Panel Power


Solar Panel Cell Type


Solar Panel Stiffness


Solar Panel Dimensions

1482 x 676 x 35 mm

Maximum Power Voltage


ISC Short Circuit Current


Module Efficiency


IMP Maximum Output Amps


Open Circuit Voltage


Solar Panel Working Voltage


Solar Panel Weight


Solar Panel Frame

White and Gray

Solar Panel Warranty

25 years

63 reviews for Solar Panel 160W 12V Polycrystalline ERA

  1. Avatar photo

    Matteo U.

    Packaging 0 comes with the board exposed without any packaging or anything

  2. Avatar photo

    Gabriel L.

    You can see the assembly on the website through videos and the customer service regarding questions has been very good.

  3. Avatar photo

    Ignacio K.

    Very good quality and incredibly fast shipping.

  4. Avatar photo

    Paula Q.

    The plate arrived without problem, well protected and well wrapped, on the scheduled date. I was well informed by the company about the shipping status. The plate works correctly.

  5. Avatar photo

    Teresa Y.

    Hello, the 160-watt solar panel fits perfectly and works great.

  6. Avatar photo

    Felix X.

    Everything was perfect, I am very happy with a rating of 5 stars

  7. Avatar photo

    Aria Z.

    Fast delivery and good operation.

  8. Avatar photo

    Antonio F.

    I am very happy with it and with the services offered by autosolar.

  9. Avatar photo

    Lena G.

    Very agile and simple purchasing process

  10. Avatar photo

    Leo N.

    A disaster, it has been 5 days and they still haven’t arrived. Furthermore, they tell me that they don’t know what happened. First and last time I buy from this site.

  11. Avatar photo

    Manuel E.

    Perfect, I have it installed in a motorhome and so far it is working great.

  12. Avatar photo

    Samuel K.

    High-quality solar panel installed on the roof of a motorhome. It has a sturdy construction. So far, I have only tested it in spring, but it still generates a good amount of energy. The delivery was fast (DHL) and it was well protected. I would definitely buy it again.

  13. Avatar photo

    Julia N.

    Very good product! Installed for 2 months, used a solar panel and a controller with a 95ah battery.

  14. Avatar photo

    Marta J.

    The panel itself works perfectly, even on cloudy days it generates amperage. I bought 2 (in 2 different orders because I wasn’t sure if they would fit on the roof of my motorhome) and I asked them if they could send the second one without shipping costs, but I never received a response. It would have cost them very little to answer an email and make a good impression. Since I am taking the trouble to give them a good review, I do recommend it. Thank you.

  15. Avatar photo

    Lucia V.

    A total of 6,960 W, three parallel series branches of 40V 24A, perfect for a 12V 600Ah gel installation in my country house, with a 60A MPPT, 2500W inverter. I reside almost all year round.

  16. Avatar photo

    Emily H.

    It looks good

  17. Avatar photo

    Julian P.

    They work very well. Just as expected. They came well protected and on the indicated date. We will buy one more, which is what the inverter allows us.

  18. Avatar photo

    Oliver P.

    Good energy production.

  19. Avatar photo

    Luisa D.

    I am very satisfied. The modules work perfectly and have a good quality-price ratio

  20. Avatar photo

    Louisa S.

    Hello, I’m Raúl Eusébio, I live in Porto, Portugal. autoSolar has excellent customer service and sends the merchandise very quickly. I recommend AutoSolar!

  21. Avatar photo

    Jorge H.

    I installed it to charge the second battery in the van and it works great. I have never seen it so full. The order arrived quickly and in good condition.

  22. Avatar photo

    Elias F.

    They deliver what they promise, perfect.

  23. Avatar photo

    Marcos T.

    Well packaged for transportation. Very good performance

  24. Avatar photo

    Enrique V.

    Good value for the price product.

  25. Avatar photo

    Jorge S.

    Everything perfect, very good product.

  26. Avatar photo

    Pedro V.

    Everything perfect, fast and professional.

  27. Avatar photo

    Lena Q.

    Meets expectations. Good service.

  28. Avatar photo

    Rocío R.

    When I mount it and see the result, I will let you know!!!

  29. Avatar photo

    Aria L.

    It meets exactly the specifications.

  30. Avatar photo

    Daniela H.

    It arrived well packaged and quickly. I have installed it in a small 12V installation and it fulfills its purpose very well. If I expanded the installation, I would buy it again because the quality/power/price ratio is the best I have found.

  31. Avatar photo

    Emil F.

    Good quality-price ratio.

  32. Avatar photo

    Guillermo L.

    Correct product, good performance and reasonable price, fast and correct service, I am satisfied.

  33. Avatar photo

    Francisco S.

    As always, excellent quality and good value for money

  34. Avatar photo

    Noelia R.

    A good panel at a good price.

  35. Avatar photo

    Gabriel X.

    Very good product, meets 100% of expectations, packaging, shipping, and perfect attention as always

  36. Avatar photo

    David N.

    First of all, I would like to thank the entire team at Autosolar for their excellent service, as I am new to this topic and everything has been easy, not to mention the very good quality products and very competitive prices, well protected during shipping. I highly recommend it. Thank you for everything

  37. Avatar photo

    Jakob O.

    The order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It is exactly the product I requested.

  38. Avatar photo

    Jakob A.

    Good quality and affordable price.

  39. Avatar photo

    Sara V.

    Very good quality.

  40. Avatar photo

    Valentina F.

    My experience with solar energy is limited or almost non-existent, but this panel seems to be of good quality and at a very good price. It starts charging the battery as soon as it starts to get light, even on cloudy days. The shipping was fast and the package was very well protected. I bought it as a test and I’m already thinking of buying another panel to expand the installation. Definitely a good purchase.

  41. Avatar photo

    Nuria F.

    I bought this panel because a diode in another one that I had for a long time burned out. I recently bought it and so far, no problem. I think it has a good quality-price ratio.

  42. Avatar photo

    Rocío G.

    Everything is perfect, very fast shipping.

  43. Avatar photo

    Hugo D.

    Lightweight, easy to install. Good product.

  44. Avatar photo

    Sandra C.

    Perfect, a 10 okay.

  45. Avatar photo

    Ángela Y.

    I have connected them in parallel with a 40A regulator and they work great, recommended.

  46. Avatar photo

    Juan R.

    The processing and shipment have been super fast. As for the panel, it has great performance for the price it has.

  47. Avatar photo

    Elias B.

    Perfect, charges very well with correct amperage.

  48. Avatar photo

    Daniel F.

    Other purchases were very good.

  49. Avatar photo

    Olivia B.

    Thank you for the fast delivery. The solar panels work perfectly. The price is very reasonable.

  50. Avatar photo

    Roberto D.

    They were very well packed, everything perfect, they work very well.

  51. Avatar photo

    Louisa Z.

    The shipping was very fast and the panel works perfectly. I found that it came poorly protected during transport, it only had an outer plastic but the panel arrived in perfect condition.

  52. Avatar photo

    Rafael K.


  53. Avatar photo

    Claudia K.

    I bought 2 and have them in parallel for a camper, and I am very happy with their performance.

  54. Avatar photo

    Víctor F.

    I found what I needed and I am satisfied with the quality. Thank you

  55. Avatar photo

    Eduardo G.

    Good delivery service, in perfect condition.

  56. Avatar photo

    Francisco K.

    Good board and good charge obtained.

  57. Avatar photo

    Martin U.

    Fast and everything very correct. The panel works great.

  58. Avatar photo

    Luca K.

    Very efficient article, perfect.

  59. Avatar photo

    Rafael R.

    It arrived in perfect conditions, fast and highly recommended. Easy to install. No complaints, everything excellent!!!

  60. Avatar photo

    Laura H.

    Perfect, it works very well.

  61. Avatar photo

    Nicolás D.

    Easy to install and works great

  62. Avatar photo

    Gabriel K.

    The product arrived in perfect condition and works correctly as advertised. Very happy with the purchase.

  63. Avatar photo

    Nicolás W.

    They charge even in weak light and at a very good price.

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