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Lithium Battery Pylontech Force H1 14.21 kWh




Introducing the Lithium Battery Pylontech Force H1 14.21 kWh


The Lithium Battery Pylontech Force H1 14.21 kWh is a cutting-edge energy storage solution designed for residential and commercial use. With its advanced technology and high capacity, this battery is a reliable choice for those looking to harness the power of solar energy.

Key Features

  1. High Capacity: With a capacity of 14.21 kWh, the Pylontech Force H1 offers ample storage for excess solar energy, ensuring you have power even during cloudy days or at night.

  2. Long Lifespan: This lithium battery is built to last, with a lifespan of up to 6000 cycles. This longevity ensures that you get the most out of your investment.

  3. Scalable Design: The modular design of the Pylontech Force H1 allows for easy scalability. You can expand your energy storage capacity as needed, making it a flexible solution for any setting.

  4. Safe and Reliable: Pylontech is known for its commitment to safety, and the Force H1 is no exception. With built-in protection features, you can rest assured that your energy system is secure.


  1. Energy Independence: By pairing the Pylontech Force H1 with a solar panel system, you can reduce your reliance on the grid and take control of your energy usage.

  2. Cost Savings: With a reliable energy storage solution, you can save on electricity bills by using stored solar power during peak hours or when rates are highest.

  3. Environmental Impact: By utilizing solar energy and storing it with the Pylontech Force H1, you are reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment.

  4. Backup Power: In case of grid outages, the Pylontech Force H1 ensures that you have a reliable source of power to keep your essential appliances running.

Technical Specifications

| Specification | Details |
| Capacity | 14.21 kWh |
| Voltage | 48 V |
| Cycle Life | 6000 cycles |
| Communication | RS485, CAN |
| Operating Temperature | -10°C to 50°C |

Installation and Maintenance

  1. Professional Installation: It is recommended to have the Pylontech Force H1 installed by a qualified technician to ensure optimal performance and safety.

  2. Regular Maintenance: While the battery requires minimal maintenance, periodic checks and inspections are recommended to ensure longevity and efficiency.


The Lithium Battery Pylontech Force H1 14.21 kWh is a top-of-the-line energy storage solution that offers high capacity, reliability, and scalability. Whether you are looking to reduce your energy bills, go off-grid, or reduce your environmental impact, this battery is the perfect choice for your solar energy system. Invest in the Pylontech Force H1 and take control of your energy future.

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