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Lithium Battery Module Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV

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Introducing the Lithium Battery Module Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV

The Lithium Battery Module Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV is a cutting-edge energy storage solution designed for residential and commercial use. This innovative product combines high performance with reliability, making it a top choice for those looking to harness the power of solar energy.

Key Features

1. Advanced Lithium Battery Technology

  • The Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV features advanced lithium battery technology, ensuring efficient energy storage and long-lasting performance. This technology allows for quick charging and discharging, making it an ideal solution for both on-grid and off-grid applications.

2. High Energy Density

  • With a high energy density, this battery module offers a compact and space-saving design without compromising on power. This makes it easy to integrate into existing solar systems or to use as a standalone energy storage solution.

3. Scalable Design

  • The Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV is designed to be scalable, allowing users to expand their energy storage capacity as needed. This flexibility makes it a versatile option for a wide range of applications, from residential homes to commercial buildings.

4. Smart Battery Management System

  • Equipped with a smart battery management system, this lithium battery module ensures optimal performance and safety. The system monitors and controls the battery’s operation, protecting it from overcharging, over-discharging, and other potential risks.

Advantages of the Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV

1. Enhanced Energy Independence

  • By integrating the Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV into your solar system, you can enjoy enhanced energy independence. This battery module allows you to store excess solar energy for use during peak times or when the sun is not shining, reducing your reliance on the grid.

2. Cost Savings

  • Investing in a lithium battery module like the Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV can lead to significant cost savings over time. By storing and utilizing solar energy efficiently, you can reduce your electricity bills and even earn money through feed-in tariffs or energy trading programs.

3. Eco-Friendly Solution

  • Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power, and by using the Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV, you can further reduce your carbon footprint. By storing and using solar energy, you can lower your reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to a more sustainable future.

4. Reliable Performance

  • The Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV is built to last, with a durable construction and reliable performance. Whether you are using it for backup power during outages or to maximize your solar energy usage, this battery module delivers consistent and dependable results.


The Lithium Battery Module Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV is a versatile and reliable energy storage solution that offers advanced technology, high performance, and cost-effective benefits. Whether you are looking to enhance your energy independence, save money on electricity bills, or reduce your environmental impact, this battery module is a smart choice for residential and commercial applications. Experience the power of solar energy with the Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV.

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22 reviews for Lithium Battery Module Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV

  1. Avatar photo

    Clara I.

    It is currently working perfectly, with no performance losses.

  2. Avatar photo

    Ivan W.

    Second time I purchase.

  3. Avatar photo

    Javier T.

    Great batteries, I have purchased them again.

  4. Avatar photo

    Nora I.

    Buying more 🙂

  5. Avatar photo

    Adrián C.

    Professional system. Plug and play. Good documentation. However, the battery has a high price, but it is probably the same for Li-ion batteries. I highly recommend it in combination with a Growatt inverter, that’s why I bought two of these batteries.

  6. Avatar photo

    Matteo E.

    Easy scalability, a good idea if you want to be isolated.

  7. Avatar photo

    Adam K.

    For now, it’s good.

  8. Avatar photo

    Rafael P.

    Perfect, a 10, easy to assemble.

  9. Avatar photo

    Ethan O.

    Smaller than I expected, very happy with that.

  10. Avatar photo

    Valentina P.

    For now, I haven’t tested it yet, but it’s doing great. The shipping surprised me with its speed, just 24 hours.

  11. Avatar photo

    Emma C.

    It seems like just another appliance.

  12. Avatar photo

    Ana N.

    The batteries have met my expectations. Very good rating.

  13. Avatar photo

    Diego N.

    The battery was received quickly. But it couldn’t be connected. The cables for connection to the inverter are not included. The website does not mention this. I asked for help. I was advised to buy a second battery, as supposedly one battery cannot work. We are discussing this issue. It turns out it can. The consultant confirmed it. It is recommended to buy cables for the connection. Now I also paid an extra 7.5 euros for delivery. Wait a week. Is this good service? What do you think? I don’t know, whether it is due to the incompetence or greed of the company.

  14. Avatar photo

    Mia V.

    The best stackable battery, very good quality-price ratio.

  15. Avatar photo

    Jakub X.

    For me, an ideal and uncomplicated solution, in my case connected to a brand inverter and therefore part of the same ecosystem with the corresponding advantages when communicating between devices.

  16. Avatar photo

    Nuria J.

    I haven’t installed it yet.

  17. Avatar photo

    Vanessa J.

    Everything is great, top service, fast delivery, great prices.

  18. Avatar photo

    Ivan D.

    I have purchased more!

  19. Avatar photo

    Viktor W.

    It is currently working well.

  20. Avatar photo

    Olivia C.

    Excellent batteries, great design, and they work perfectly with spf5000es. I am buying more.

  21. Avatar photo

    Álvaro C.

    Short usage time. Promising so far. The communication cables between modules are very short. To leave them inside the modules, you have to break the back flap.

  22. Avatar photo

    Sara Q.

    Good value for this quality battery.

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Questions about Lithium Battery Module Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV

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Good afternoon, a question, Can this battery module be installed in the PowerGardens Residential Solar Kit 3000W 15000Wh/day Growatt (ref. 4001802)? Thank you in advance.
Silvia X.
Are these batteries compatible with inverters other than the Growatt brand?
José D.
Good afternoon: Unfortunately, these batteries are only compatible with the Growatt brand. Best regards and thank you for your time and interest in PowerGardens.
Hello, I would like to know if this battery can be installed with a 3000 watt inverter and 3 solar panels of 400 watts each panel. Thank you.
Celine R.
What percentage of discharge do these batteries allow?
Claudia B.
Good morning Laura,First of all thank you for contacting PowerGardens.Regarding your inquiry, the depth of discharge is 90%.I hope I have helped you, in case I have not, do not hesitate to contact PowerGardens at 961430113.Best regards and thank you for your attention.
Hello, how much warranty is left for 10 years? Thank you
Sergio I.
Good afternoon Alexandre, First of all, thank you for contacting PowerGardens The battery warranty is for 10 years as we are official distributors of this manufacturer I hope I have helped you, in case it was not so, do not hesitate to contact PowerGardens at 961430113. Best regards PowerGardens
Hello, is this battery model compatible with the Growatt MIN inverter range? Specifically the MIN 4200TL-XH. Thank you very much
Francisco E.
Good afternoon Adrian, First of all, thank you for contacting PowerGardens. Regarding your inquiry, the MIN XH inverter model works with the high-voltage lithium batteries from Growatt ARK HV. Here is the link: https://powergardens.com/high-voltage-lithium-batteries/growatt-ark-xh-51kwh-lithium-battery The low-voltage ARK LV batteries are compatible with the isolated SPF inverters https://powergardens.com/48v-inverter-chargers/growatt-spf-3500-es-48v-80a-inverter-charger I hope I have been able to help you. If not, please do not hesitate to contact PowerGardens at 961430113. Best regards and thank you for your attention.
Do I already have a battery ARK-2.5-A1? I would like another one with the cables and installation instructions. Do you ship to Italy?
Miriam M.
What Growatt batteries will go with a SPF 5000 ES
Francisco D.
Good morning Graham, First of all, thank you for contacting PowerGardens. Regarding your inquiry, for the SPF inverter model, you should install Growatt ARK 2.5L-A1 LV lithium batteries. I hope I have helped you, and if not, please do not hesitate to contact PowerGardens at 961430113. Best regards and thank you for your attention.
Hello, what is the serial number of the battery (1600 or 1700)? Do you also ship to Austria?
Niklas Y.

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