Lithium Battery 3.5kWh Pylontech US3000C 48V

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Lithium Battery 3.5kWh Pylontech US3000C 48V: Power Your Solar System Efficiently

The Lithium Battery 3.5kWh Pylontech US3000C 48V is a cutting-edge energy storage solution designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of your solar panel system. With its advanced technology and impressive features, this lithium battery offers a reliable and sustainable power source for both residential and commercial applications.

Unleash the Power of Lithium Battery Technology

Power-Packed Performance

The Lithium Battery 3.5kWh Pylontech US3000C 48V boasts a high battery voltage of 48V, allowing it to provide a consistent and stable power supply to your solar panel system. With this increased voltage, you can optimize the efficiency and output of your solar panels, maximizing the return on your investment. Say goodbye to power fluctuations and hello to reliable energy generation.

Optimal Energy Storage

With a stored energy capacity of 91%, this lithium battery ensures that your solar system harvests and stores as much energy as possible. This impressive energy retention rate means you can make the most of every ray of sunshine, harnessing renewable energy throughout the day and night.

Compact and Space-Saving Design

The Lithium Battery 3.5kWh Pylontech US3000C 48V features a compact design with dimensions of 442 x 420 x 132 mm. This sleek and space-saving battery is perfect for installations with limited space. Whether you’re looking to power your home or business, this battery’s compact size ensures a seamless integration into your existing solar system setup.

Key Features and Benefits

Ample Power Supply

Equipped with a robust battery capacity of 75Ah, the Lithium Battery 3.5kWh Pylontech US3000C 48V offers an ample power supply to meet your energy demands. Whether you’re running essential appliances, charging electric vehicles, or powering your entire home or office, this battery delivers consistent and reliable electricity when you need it most.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Weighing only 32 kg, this lithium battery is incredibly lightweight, facilitating quick and hassle-free installation. Its compact and manageable size allows for easy handling and reduced installation time, making it a convenient solution for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Built to withstand the test of time, the Lithium Battery 3.5kWh Pylontech US3000C 48V is engineered with durability in mind. Its sturdy construction ensures excellent performance even in demanding environments. Additionally, its intelligent battery management system helps to prolong its life-span, giving you years of reliable service.

Discover the Possibilities

By incorporating the Lithium Battery 3.5kWh Pylontech US3000C 48V into your solar panel system, you can unlock a world of innovative energy solutions. Whether you’re looking to build an off-grid solar setup, upgrade your existing battery storage, or enhance the performance of your hybrid solar system, this lithium battery is the ideal choice.

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Additional information

Battery Voltage


Stored Useful Energy


Battery Measurements

442 x 420 x 132 mm

Battery Amp-Hours


Battery Weight

32 Kg

23 reviews for Lithium Battery 3.5kWh Pylontech US3000C 48V

  1. Avatar photo

    Isabel V.

    Extraordinary material, I recommend it

  2. Avatar photo

    Victoria C.

    Time will tell its duration.

  3. Avatar photo

    Yolanda Y.

    The experience has been positive, so we purchased one more to expand.

  4. Avatar photo

    Samuel I.

    Fantastic, I am very happy with them

  5. Avatar photo

    Alejandra P.

    Very happy with the choice. Excellent quality/price ratio. It has no rivals!

  6. Avatar photo

    Victoria P.

    Excellent, good performance in a small space. Communication is a 10 and the shipping is super fast.

  7. Avatar photo

    Nuria O.

    It is the first one I buy, the installation has improved considerably, these batteries are great, very well finished, you completely forget about maintenance unlike acid batteries that are already obsolete and you spend the whole year checking and maintaining them. I am very happy. Autosolar is a serious store and I have been buying from them for many years.

  8. Avatar photo

    Gabriel F.

    very good battery

  9. Avatar photo

    Víctor V.

    They are perfect for me

  10. Avatar photo

    Ignacio H.

    Easy installation and great product, I have great capacity for my isolated dwelling and, so far, no problem.

  11. Avatar photo

    Pedro Q.

    Excellent customer service, and fast delivery

  12. Avatar photo

    Margarita F.

    Perfect and very well finished

  13. Avatar photo

    Lucía N.

    Adaptability of a large energy warehouse.

  14. Avatar photo

    Juan M.



  15. Avatar photo

    Raúl Y.

    Good quality and price

  16. Avatar photo

    Raúl D.

    A product of great quality, perfect communication with hybrid with its cable

  17. Avatar photo

    Enrique E.

    Perfect, fast shipping!!

  18. Avatar photo

    Lara M.

    Very good product. Fast shipping and good prices.

  19. Avatar photo

    Aria T.

    An extraordinary battery. Lightweight and very compact.

  20. Avatar photo

    Sandra X.

    Perfect product. Highly recommended.

  21. Avatar photo

    Eva K.

    Great brand, great product!

  22. Avatar photo

    Enrique H.

    This time I repeat and buy the second one, more of the same, they are great and the installation has improved surprisingly.

  23. Avatar photo

    Simon R.

    One month working with this battery and everything is perfect, I haven’t tested deep discharges yet, but everything else is ok. Easy installation, manual is quite clear, used together with Victron devices and everything is 1005 ok.

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