Inverter Charger Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A

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Inverter Charger Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A: Efficient and Reliable Power Solution for Solar Panels


The Inverter Charger Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A is a versatile and high-performance inverter that serves as a crucial component for solar panel systems. With its impressive power output, light-weight design, and advanced features, it offers an exceptional solution for converting solar energy into usable electricity. Whether you are planning to build an off-grid, hybrid, or grid-tie solar power system, this inverter charger is the perfect choice to ensure efficient and reliable power conversion.

Ultimate Power Output and Efficiency

With a peak power output of 7000VA and a continuous output power of 3500W, the Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A delivers an impressive performance that is suitable for a wide range of solar panel applications. This inverter charger can effortlessly handle the power demands of residential or commercial properties, providing a reliable and consistent power supply. Its high conversion efficiency ensures minimal energy wastage and maximizes the utilization of solar power, resulting in significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

Lightweight and Compact Design

Weighing only 11.5 kg, the Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A is a lightweight inverter charger that offers ease of installation and portability. Its compact design allows for flexible placement options while saving valuable space in your solar power system setup. Whether you have limited installation space or require a portable power solution, this inverter charger is designed to meet your needs without compromising on performance.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

The Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A is equipped with advanced features that enhance its performance and functionality. Its intelligent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology ensures optimal solar panel efficiency by tracking and adjusting to the maximum power point. This technology maximizes the energy harvested from your solar panels and improves overall system performance.

Reliable Battery Charging and Backup

As an inverter charger, the Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A has the ability to charge batteries efficiently, ensuring continuous power supply even during periods of low solar energy generation. This feature makes it an excellent choice for off-grid solar panel systems, providing reliable backup power when needed. It also keeps your batteries in optimal condition, prolonging their lifespan and reducing maintenance requirements.

Compatible with Various Solar Panel Systems

The Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A is compatible with a wide range of solar panel systems, including off-grid, hybrid, and grid-tie setups. Whether you are looking to power your entire property, need a backup power solution, or want to feed excess energy back into the grid, this versatile inverter charger can meet your requirements. Its compatibility with different solar panel kits ensures flexibility and adaptability for any solar power project.


The Inverter Charger Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A is an exceptional product that offers a reliable, efficient, and flexible power solution for solar panel systems. With its impressive power output, lightweight design, and advanced features, it provides an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you are a solar power enthusiast, installer, or simply looking to reduce your electricity bills, the Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A is an ideal choice to fulfill your energy needs.

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11.5 kg

7 reviews for Inverter Charger Growatt SPF 3500 ES 48V 80A

  1. Avatar photo

    Luis M.

    Good equipment, everything works as expected

  2. Avatar photo

    Elias Y.

    Very good quality

  3. Avatar photo

    Anton K.

    I think it is one of the top brands in the world. I chose this brand because of my experience with the previous system. High yield, very good quality. This system has been tested on YouTube by an independent YouTuber. He showed the exceptional quality

  4. Avatar photo

    Miguel F.

    Very good product at a good price!

  5. Avatar photo

    Nicolás P.

    So far it works correctly

  6. Avatar photo

    Emily Q.

    Very reliable inverter, good communication capacity with lithium batteries. High standby consumption (98W) and noisy.

  7. Avatar photo

    Luis W.

    Very good and economical, the only thing is the efficiency that is somewhat low, but for the price it deserves

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