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Category: Coplanar for Metal Roof

Solar panels are an essential component of any sustainable energy system. The 04V solar panel, specifically designed for metal roofs, offers a reliable and efficient solution for harnessing solar power. This product is perfect for residential and commercial buildings with metal coverings, providing a seamless integration of renewable energy technology.


1. Installation Surface: Metal Cover

When it comes to installing solar panels on metal roofs, the 04V panel excels in providing a secure and durable mounting solution. It can be easily attached to various metal cover types, including single sheet, sandwich panel, corrugated sheet, and tile imitation sheet.

2. Anchor Surface: Directly to the Sheet

The 04V solar panel is designed to be anchored directly to the metal sheet, specifically to the side of the rib. This ensures a stable and long-lasting mounting system that can withstand various weather conditions.

3. Maximum Panel Size: 2279×1150 mm

With a maximum panel size of 2279×1150 mm, the 04V solar panel offers ample surface area for capturing sunlight and converting it into electricity. This size is ideal for maximizing energy production while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic on metal roofs.

4. Panel Thickness: From 28 to 40 mm

The 04V solar panel comes in a range of thickness options, from 28 to 40 mm. This versatility allows for customization based on specific installation requirements and ensures a secure fit on different types of metal roofing materials.

5. Kits Available: 1 – 6 Modules

Whether you need a single module or a kit with up to six modules, the 04V solar panel offers flexibility in design and installation. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from small residential projects to large commercial installations.

6. Anchor Hardware: S42 – Self-Drilling Screw with Sealing Washer

To ensure a strong and reliable attachment to the metal roof, the 04V solar panel comes with anchor hardware that includes self-drilling screws with sealing washers. This hardware provides a secure connection while preventing leaks and water damage.


  • Profiles: Aluminum EN AW-6005A T6 (Natural or Anodized)
  • Screws: Stainless Steel A2-70
  • EPDM

The 04V solar panel is constructed with high-quality materials, including aluminum profiles, stainless steel screws, and EPDM sealing components. These materials are chosen for their durability, corrosion resistance, and weatherproof properties, ensuring long-term performance and reliability in any environment.

In conclusion, the 04V solar panel is a top-of-the-line product designed for metal roofs, offering exceptional quality, performance, and versatility. With its innovative design, robust construction, and advanced features, this solar panel is the perfect choice for anyone looking to harness the power of the sun and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Additional information

Installation surface

Metal cover

Cover types

Single sheet, sandwich panel, corrugated sheet, tile imitation sheet

Anchor surface

Directly to the sheet (anchored to the side of the rib)

Maximum panel size

2279×1150 mm

Panel thickness

From 28 to 40 mm

Kits available

From 1 – 6 modules

Anchor hardware

S42 – Self-drilling screw with sealing washer


Profiles: Aluminum EN AW-6005A T6 (Natural or anodized) Screws: Stainless steel A2-70 EPDM


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