Цифровой контроллер TK-8A

Цифровой контроллер TK-8A для установки и поддержания необходимой температуры только для солнечных коллекторов .

Этот продукт состоит из следующих элементов:
- программист
- дисплей
- температурный сенсор

When solar collector temperature reaches a predetermined value, the digital controller automatically switches ON the circulation pump. The circulation pump automatically circulates the liquid, which transfers heat to the water through the heat exchanger.

The digital controller does not just regulate water heating in the tank but also protects the tank from overheating. In this case, the controller sends a signal to switch the pump, the operation of which circulates the working fluid from the heat exchanger back to the collector tank. The controller has the ability to connect an additional temperature sensor and the second circulator.
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