SunOyster 16 model 2.0 – Solar Heating System

SunOyster – combines the best of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV) technology
The SunOyster is a new concentrating solar technology for the co-generation of power and heat achieving efficiencies higher than anything else in the market - up to 75% of the solar radiation: thereby it covers the complete energy demand of buildings with power, heat and cold. In sunny regions the SunOyster shall produce the cheapest solar energy wherever heat or cold are needed.
The heart of the SunOyster is a hybrid receiver which is protected by a borosilicate glass tube filled with nitrogen. Inside the tube, special glass lenses concentrate the light a second time to reach 500 times the power of the sun. Highly efficient (44%) solar cells developed for spacecraft convert this directly into electricity. The cells are liquid cooled but remain operational at temperatures up to 170°C.

The proprietary control system of the SunOyster tracks the sun automatically all day from East to West. It allows online monitoring of the SunOyster, so that the customer can admire the energy generation via their mobile phone.

Because it produces high grade heat (up to 170°C), the SunOyster can supply a broad variety of heat applications - warm water, room heating, desalination, process heat, ORC machines, high-temperature storage and preheating of steam power plants. In particular, the SunOyster can be used for solar cooling. With this ”Tri-generation“ from electricity over heat to cold the SunOyster can provide the complete energy demand – and this at lower costs than the electricity grid or fossil energies.

In case of storm the SunOyster mirrors close into a secure flat position. This allows to build the system light and cheap and it can be easy installed - hence the name.

Benefits of a SunOyster

  • The SunOyster can generate at least twice as much energy from a given surface area as the best photovoltaic (PV) modules.
  • In case of danger such as strong wind the SunOyster closes down the mirrors to a secure position – like an oyster closes its shell.
  • In sunny regions the SunOyster produces the cheapest solar energy wherever heat or cold are needed.
SunOyster power, heat & cost efficiency

The SO 16 hybrid from serial production will generate almost 5 kW peak electrical, and at the same time up to 7.5 kW ther- mal power. In the middle of Europe (eg Munich) this means up to 5,000 kWh electricity and 7,500 kWh heat energy p.a. SO 16 heat has 12 kW thermal and generates 12,000 kWh heat p.a. In regions with higher direct sunshine this production increases dramatically – twice as much in areas like in Florida or Southern Spain, even more in California or Australia, and up to 3 times in Chile or South Africa.

The sales price for volume production matches that of high quality PV systems. But the SunOyster also produces heat, so the total costs can be allocated to both electricity and heat. Then the electricity from the SunOyster is one third cheaper than from PV.
The resulting cost of electricity is far below the cost from the grid, and the cost of heat far below the cost from oil or gas boilers. Depending on the price of conventional energy the SunOyster can often achieve a total payback time less than 5 years, falling to less than 2 years on the equity if a loan is used for the investment.
SunOyster applications

Thanks to the high temperature level, the SunOyster can supply
a broad variety of heat applications.

Commercial users in particular can save money. By using thermal refrigeration systems to convert the heat into cold, the SunOyster can cover the complete energy demand of hotels, office buildings, shopping centres or cool stores.

The SunOyster can also cover the power and high grade heat requirements of many industries such as food, textile or chemical manufacturers.
For private users the SunOyster can be mounted on the top of roofs, garages, carports or simply placed on the ground. Taking the example of a house with a swimming pool in

Southern Italy the SunOyster can cover domestic hot water demand throughout the year. In winter, it can heat the house. In summer, the heat can be converted by small thermal chiller into cold to air-condition the house. If the waste heat of the chiller is further used to heat domestic hot water or the pool, this tri-generation is extremely efficient. In spring and autumn the SunOyster can heat the swimming pool.

Multiple SunOysters can contribute energy to large scale applications: for example the heat can be used to dry fuel, pre-heat combustion air or be injected in the steam cycle of a power plant. The solar heat thereby substitutes for fossil fuel or biomass consumption. Another possible use is desalination plants.
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