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What you'll get
We believe transition to solar power should not be complicated. As an expert we are are here to guide you through every step of the way
  • For North Spain
    Try our PG North system, which has a maximum efficiency at a minimum temperatures
  • For South Spain
    PG South has a high reliability and full protection against over boiling water even during high seasons
  • Houses
    Just tell us your thoughts on how you wish save your money with solar system! Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at nigh
  • Pool
    Our solar thermal system greatly expands the swimming season for any pool
  • Electricity
    Our PV panel prices will amaze you
  • Efficiency
    What else could be more effective than the SUN?

Solar Water Heating Systems

  • 1
    The SWH system is fully autonomous during daytime and heats the water using solar energy, even when there is no power supply!
  • 2
    Low heat losses
    Vacuum collectors are highly efficient, which allows them to catch and collect heat even at negative temperatures.
  • 3
    The SWH system is compatible with all boilers, storage tanks or tanks that permit the installation of a heater and temperature sensor.
  • 4
    The lifetime of SWH systems is between 15 and 30 years. The warranty on all solar collectors is up to 15 years.
  • 5
    Free of charge
    The sun is free and the most powerful source of energy, which makes it the most popular form of renewable energy.
  • 6
    The SWH system is an excellent solution for most types of buildings: from cottages and swimming pools to hotels, restaurants and industrial facilities.

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Solar Panels (PV-panels) For Electricity

  • 1
    Sunlight is an infinite power source. It’s not like an oil, which is removed from the Earth and running out during usage. The sun’s rays can be harvested for energy over and over again without depleting the source.
  • 2
    Lower Electric Bills
    As a replacement for grid-tied properties (anywhere with access to power lines), solar power costs just a fraction of what you pay the utility company each month. A properly sized system can drop your electric bill to $0.
  • 3
    Remote Power
    If you live in a remote location, it may be too expensive or impossible to run a power lines to your house. Solar power system is the best solution when you can not connect to a power grid.
  • 4
    Improve Property Value:
    Homes equipped with solar systems are sold for 3.74% more than equivalent homes without them.

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