PG Solar Collector Heat-Pipe (Termosifon Solar)

Suited for domestic solar water heating systems and pool heating, as well as for industrial purposes.


This product is composed of the following items:
– manifold (heat exchange unit)
– aluminum frame universal
– set of screws for support
– vacuum pipes "heat-pipe" with a length of 1.8 m, with a maximum capacity of 0.5065388 kWh * per day per year
– plastic fixers (fixing the low part of vacuum tubes)
– antidust seal rings
– conductive thermal paste "MG Chemicals"
The solar collector POWERGARDENS CS heat-pipe is designed to build a heating system for sanitary water, heating pool water, water or other technical fluids for various needs solely due to sunlight.

SHC Fast Assembly CPC Heat Pipe Collector

– Sunlight concentrators make the efficiency doubly increased.
– Fast assembly CPC concentrators more easily installation and transportation.
– 360 degree sunlight absorber, hot water in cloudy.
– Overheating protection just disassembly the CPC concentrators in summer.
– Temperature startup more faster than the normal solar thermal collectors.
– Applicable for the industry heating.
– More thermal production based on the same aperture area.
– EN12975/Solar Keymark.
CPC Reflector

Maximum performance at minimum dimensions. Absorber is bigger than gross surface area. Three dimensionally 360 degree shaped absorbers for the greatest possible energy collecting surface, utilized up to most of the diffuse and direct radiation from morning to evening.
– The power output higher 50% compare to the normal solar collectors. Smaller installation area but equal to the same power output.
– Patented fast assembly CPC, flaky sheet, more convenient for the installation and transportation.
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