PG North – Solar Water Heater

The solar water heater with heat-pipe vacuum pipes is ideal for areas with low insolation. Also suitable for businesses. Universal structure suitable for all types of roofs. The internal version – acid-resistant stainless steel 316 guarantees a long operating time of the thermosyphon.
This product is composed of the following items:
– horizontal accumulative tank 100l
– the interior part of stainless steel SUS316
– thermal isolation — 55mm of froth of polyurethane of high thickness
– check (non-return) valve "AKE"
– safety valve "AKE" (90ºC, 6 bar)
– heat-conductive paste "MG Chemicals"
– support of galvanized steel 25dg
– screw kit
– vacuum tubes (ø58mm, 1800mm, 8 und.) of borosilicate glass with heat pipe with maximum potency 0,58008 kWh* a day each one
– clamps of the down part of vacuum tubes
– antidust seal rings
Inside of vacuum tubes does not circulate the water. The absorbent layer transforms solar radiation to the thermal energy and the heat pipes transmit it in a heat exchanger (heating element of water) located in the tank.

This system is perfect for less insolated regions: areas with a lower annual rate of sunny days, of low ambient temperatures and also for "hard" (highly mineralized) water. The heating element is a 1,80 m long vacuum tube with an internal "heat pipe" – a smaller copper tube filled with a special liquid. The internal "heat pipe" (i.e. thermotube) collects and transfers the heat up to the copper head located inside the water tank. The copper head, in turn, heats water in the tank. The tank is always hermetic, and system works well even with one or more vacuum tubes removed. This type of water heater can be easily integrated with any existing gas or electric water heating (or house heating) system. The system is easy in installation, and the supporting system is well designed for both flat and inclined surfaces.
Technology Summary – CPC High-Pressure Solar System (PG North)

– power output sharply increased by the CPC concentrators.
– two modes suitable for both summer and winter.
– fast assembly CPC more easily disassembly.
– no water inside tubes, a solar system can wold normally when tubes are broken.
1. Socket-high erosion-resistant 316L stainless steel, one formed by stamping moulding. No welding.
2. Overheating prevention in Summer and Higher sunlight absorbing in Winter.
3. Polished mirror CPC concentrators, parabolic curve sunlight accumulated, 360* vacuum tube absorber, much more power output than the normal solar collectors.
4. Superheat pipe faster startup, high pressure working, new structure nylon tube caps make the installation more easily.
5. Connection on tank backside, more convenient for the slope roof installation, safer by the special heating element box.
Connection on tank backside, more convenient for the slope roof installation, safer by the special heating element box.
Recommended for heating hot water in areas with low insolation, with using additional heating devices.
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