Solar Water Heater PG North

The solar water heater with heat pipe vacuum tubes is ideal for areas with low insolation. Also suitable for businesses. Universal construction suitable for all types of roofs. The internal version: Acid-proof stainless steel 316 guarantees a long operating time of the thermosiphon.

- The output power is considerably increased by the CPC concentrators. 
- Two modes suitable for both summer and winter. 
- CPC quick assembly and easy disassembly. 
- No water inside the tubes, the solar system can work normally when the tubes are broken. 
- Multi-function structure for pitched and flat roof, more beautiful pitched roof installation. 
- The temperature start-up is faster than normal system. 
- 24 hours high pressure hot water output. 
- 316L SS socket drilling solution, no leakage. 
- EN12976 / Solar Keymark 

This product consists of the following items:

Vacuum tube: super conducted heat pipe (waterless). 
Isolation tank: SUS316L internal pressurised tank 
Working pressure: 7 bar 
T/P valve: 6 bar / 99C 
Working principle: direct working pressure 
Structure: sloping roof and multifunctional plane 
Optional function: electric resistance

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